Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today, instead of a Christmas card I got a letter from Dianne, telling me of Rob’s passing. In shock I had to relay this message to my 14 year old daughter, he was her mentor, she has great ambitions to go to the air force and be an RN. Rob took her under his wing and told her how great her decision was, how boys can be mean at this age, and to concentrate on her school work instead of the boys! They were constantly emailing back and forth, always with a message to “tell your mom hi for me”. When most teens think of the latest craze with posters of bubble gum pop queens and good looking guys on posters on their walls, Rob had sent her posters of AF jets, these were on her walls. At Christmas he would send her a little gift, a deck of playing cards with planes, or a software racing game to play!

He took an interest in my older 2 kids both military kids, when my daughter was in Korea, he told me stories, calmed my nerves, when my son was in the navy he would talk online to him to set him straight, how to act and what not to do. Never did we ask for something from him, yet he was always there always giving of himself, and never too busy to tell my daughter “Stinky” that she was a great kid! He was the only one that could get away with calling her that……….

We will sadly miss this great person, his tenderness, gentle nature and shining light. Although we never met face to face, Rob you were our family away from home, we embraced you in our hearts and will love you always.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Words in Memory of Robert Brewer
Major Russell Custer
7 November 2006

I’ve never spoken at anyone’s funeral before and I struggled at length for words to say here today. Rob passed away almost a month ago and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what he meant to me…to us. But then it suddenly hit me…and it’s really quite simple…how would Rob wish to be remembered? First, he’d tell me to cut out all the flowery words & to keep it real. Second, he’d tell me to schedule in a smoke break. Well Rob, I’ll keep it real, but unfortunately I can’t do away with the flowery words and smoking at one of these things where we’re interring your ashes would be very, very bad form.

Robert Brewer was a man who filled many roles, and in doing so, touched so many lives. He was a son, a brother, a husband, an uncle, a father, a grandfather, a teacher, a counselor, a co-worker and a friend. Along with these roles, he carried a number of names. His family called him Robby, some called him Bob, most called him Rob, and his cyber-friends called him Tyree.

But titles and names aren’t overly important. Actions are what counts. There are a lot of people in this world content with mediocrity, but Robby, Bob, Rob & Tyree certainly weren’t. Ask anyone in the Field Training business & they’ll tell you that Brewer was the best. Period. Almost a month after his passing and we’re still struggling to come to grips with his workload. Ask his friends at & they’ll tell you the same. Look around you & it’s obvious that he operated the same way at home. Uncompromising excellence was Rob’s hallmark.

Candid & smart. That’s how I, personally, remember Rob. As I said at his eulogy, if your baby was ugly, guess what? However, he was smart enough to know that if he called your baby anything less than adorable, you’d probably punch him. Yes, Rob also had a diplomacy mode…he just didn’t activate his as freely as some others. And smart? The guy had a brain the size of a planet. No crossword puzzle was safe around Rob Brewer!

Rob used this candor & intelligence with great effect. Particularly on-line. One of the things that disturbs me the most about Rob’s passing…aside from the fact that I feel he was too young…is the fact that I knew so little about his important work outside of work. If you visit his memorial blogsite, you’ll quickly see what I mean. The guy was a quiet hero who helped countless victims of cyber-crime. He went about his sensitive, complicated duties without boasting or fanfare, without pay and without complaint. He used his numerous talents to bring safety and comfort to those in need.

Rob, if you can hear me, I want you to know just how much I admire you for what you did for us down here. You truly made a difference & the world is a better place because of you. We miss you dearly and we’re looking forward to joining back up with you somewhere down the road. I’d say that I hope God grants you peace, but I think you’re the happiest when you’re fighting criminals or struggling with a puzzle of some sort. So instead, I’ll close by saying that I hope God continues to bless you with blissful challenges. Thank you Rob; you were a true blessing to us all.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

a draft of his obituary:Robert Joseph Brewer

DOB: 8 March 1951 in Washington DC Parents: Robert (deceased) and Clare (Maiden Name: Colella) Brewer, Phoenix AZ

Brother: Guy F. Brewer, Phoenix

Children: B.J. Van Houten, Waurika OK
Johanna Nix, Saginaw TX
Angela Smith, Saginaw TX
Joe L. Sledge, Wichita Falls TX
Jon M. Sledge, Houston TX
LouAnne Sledge, Wichita Falls TX

Rob also had 11 grandchildren.

Schooling: St John’s College High School in Washington DC

Received his Bachelor’s from Wayland Baptist University

Served in the military from March 1971 thru April 1991. His specialty in Air Force was Aircraft Maintenance

Married: Dianne Brewer on 16 Dec 1991

Started working Civil Service at Sheppard AFB in 1994. He first began as an instructor for Life Support and then was promoted to a Curriculum Developer for the 373 Training Squadron, 982 Field Training Group.

Rob also volunteered for many years with, an organization run by volunteers who had their own special cyber-family of likeminded and relentless volunteers standing against abuses and criminals online. Those at knew Rob best as “Tyree”. He was funny, kind, patient and wise. He was equally patient in calming down an hysterical cyberstalking victim or parent of a child who was cyberbullied. Thousands of people were helped by him personally. And through his leadership, his team and division helped many thousands more over the years. He was a calm voice in the universe of abuse, pain and fear. Heaven has received as good a leader and team member as those at have lost.

Services officiated by: Joe Williams, Edgemere Church of Christ (Pending??)

Friday, October 27, 2006

every day I miss him. Today I met with the president of Xanga about a project they are helping us develop, and I brought up Rob's name several times. I had lunch with Chris Hansen (of Dateline's To Catch a Predator) and told him about Rob and how much we will miss him and how shaken we are without him. I did an interview with Inside Edition this morning, and thought about how much I needed Rob to help me with the violent attacks among teens being posted online.

I just returned from a two week state-to-state trip. I was in Corpus Christi, where I met one of our special volunteers and talked about Rob, his funeral and his wonderful family. I was in Nashville speaking to students and parents at a prestigious girls' school, talking about things Rob taught me, remembering his gentle tone and touch with those who didn't understand as much as he did.

I miss him.

Now with the craziness of the day quieting down, in the first full night in my house in weeks, I feel his loss a bit more deeply.

I can't imagine how his real life family feels.

Rob, dear friend, I will never forget you...I hope you taught me enough before you left. I will try and make you proud, and be worthy of your title for me "boss".

rest peacefully.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Robert Joseph Brewer and I came along only thirteen months apart, so I guess it was inevitable that we did practically everything together as children and teenagers. He was named after our dad, Joseph Robert; throughout the family he was known as Robby. Although it was just Rob and me, mom and dad and a beloved german shepherd, we were part of a large family in the D.C. area with frequent and fun gatherings. To this day, the weekly homemade Italian spaghetti that we took for granted, remains his and my hallowed favorite.

It’s unclear now, but it may have been pre-teens when Rob and I started spending yearly summer vacations being introduced to the business world. Dad worked with his father-in-law, Guy (part of my namesake), and for us back then, it was a truly wonderful adventure, first at our grandfather’s automotive parts and machine shop that specialized in brake shoe remanufacturing. We didn’t realized just how marvelous an education in metals, mechanics and electronics we would take away from these experiences. We spent many a day punching rivets out of hundreds of used brake shoes, getting wonderfully filthy and into side-splitting bouts of mischief with Charles and David, our two youngest uncles who became and remain more like big brothers to Rob and me. It was just a few years later that dad opened his own business. Our mom’s sister-like cousin, Lucy Ann, had a nickname that she calls mom to this day and it was that nickname that dad chose when he named the business Tyree Auto Parts. Although dad was referred to by most as “Bob”, he was for years later, the original “Tyree” to many. The shop (that’s what we called it) went on for many years but leave it to Rob to turn the name on its head and have more significance than was ever dreamed.

On behalf of our mom, Clara, and my wife, Kathy and all of our family, I don’t know how we could ever begin to thank the seemingly countless number of people whose lives Rob touched and whose sheer number alone brings me a flood of overwhelming tears right now as I type this, and each and every time I think about it. I am so thankful to Parry and all those associated with and this blog for making this attempt at thanks possible. The sight of the throngs at Rob’s eulogy service and the words spoken were more touching and overwhelming than I could ever convey but still wish to desperately. To Minister Joe Williams, Stephen Reeves, Bill Guthrie and Major Russell Custer, especially, and to the staff of the 373rd and Rob’s co-workers and all those at Sheppard and the Air Force who knew him, my thanks forever. To Dianne, Joe, Jon, LouAnne, and all your extraordinary family and Johanna, BJ, and Angela, my thanks and love for truly enriching Rob’s life and mine. It’s my wish to see you soon.

We each know Rob in our own way, but hearing and reading all that I’ve have in the last several days, I’m overwhelmingly touched and proud at how many really know and appreciate the simple, crusty yet soft spirit that I call my big brother Robby. Thank you all.

Buzzy (Guy F. Brewer)
comments left by friends of Rob's as a tribute on the funeral home's website. their names and addresses have been deleted to protect their privacy.

Former co-worker

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Rob for 3 yrs. He always had a kind word for me and the rest of the 982d Information Technology staff. My sincere condolences to the Brewer family.

Former co-worker

I worked with Rob at DPS Driver License office in Wichita Falls before he returned to SAFB as an instructor. He was a very intelligent man and seems like he always had a smile on his face. Kept us laughing much of the time. You just never knew what he was gonna say. Rob was very kind hearted and a great joy to work with. My prayers are with your family during this difficult time. I'll always remember his contagious smile.

Anita & Doug

We would like at this time to express our deepest condolences to the Brewer family. We have known Rob for the past 12 years and have spent many happy times in his home. A wonderful man with a great smile. Our prayers and sympathy are with you all at this time. It is now when the miles between our families seem to be much too long. God Bless and take care.
My name is Kathy, and I am married to Rob’s brother, Guy. For nearly 30 years, I’ve loved and respected Rob like one of my own brothers. Our thanks to each of you for sharing your memory of Rob here. It’s gratifying to know so many people recognized his wonderful spirit. He no doubt felt the same way about you. I know your comments will be a comfort to his brother, mother, uncles and cousins. No matter where he lived or worked, Robby has always been exactly the way you knew him. (“Tyree” was actually his mother’s nickname as well, and the way she signed all of her paintings.) He was a rock in hard times, and a joy in good times. His kind heart, rapier wit, and open arms will be sorely missed. When we get to Heaven, he’ll likely be playing cards with his Dad, saying “Hey, what took you guys so long…. pass the meatballs.” We love you Hon.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

MSgt Donald E. Bullock
573 Global Support Squadron
Travis AFB, CA

There are many wonderful, witty, and humorous things I can say about Rob Brewer.

I remember my first day as a Cirriculum Manager in the 373 TRS. I was very excited about my new position and wanted to do a good job. When I proceeded down this path to conquer the world, Rob let me know real quick how things actually took place in FTD. I was somewhat intimidated by him at first but as time passed I realized I was in the prescence of greatness. He had more knowledge about how things worked than I could ever hope to remember in a lifetime.

The one thing I can remember the most about Rob is his knack for not sugar coating anything. If you were messing up or if something was messed up, he would not hold anything back. No one was immune from his comments, not even me. There are a lot of descriptive phrases he used to communicate his disatisfaction but unfortunately, some of them are not G rated enough for me list. I can say for a fact every phrase used was to the point and right on target.

Rob, you were a man of values and trust, but most of all you were a great mentor. I have many great memories of you I sharing a game of shooting Elmo out of a cannon for distance, the daily newspaper, daily news on the Drudge Report, how I didn't do something correct on a BATT, and how things could be fixed in our little cubicile condiminium. Most of all, my greatest memory is you sharing your friendship.

Rob, my family and I will miss you greatly.

MSgt Donald E. Bullock
573 Global Support Squadron
Travis AFB, CA

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Major Russell “Rusty” Custer
373d Training Squadron Commander, USAF
17 October 2006

Major Custer gave this eulogy at Rob's memorial service today.

I enjoyed working with Rob Brewer for a number of reasons. First, I don’t know where he got it from, but he had a very dry, very witty, very British sense of humor. Having served 8 years in the United Kingdom, I felt very much at home whenever I was around him. He lived on a street called Nottinghill; perhaps that has something to do with it. Wherever he got it from, he used his sense of humor with great effect & it carried us thru a lot of miserable days.

The second reason I enjoyed working with Rob so much was because of his candor. He was not the kind of man to sugarcoat anything. If your baby was ugly, he’d call it ugly. It didn’t matter who you were or what you did, the guy was a straight shooter. He certainly intimidated some, but not me. I counted on Rob to give me no-kidding answers & he never let me down.

Third, of course, was his expertise. Nobody knew the Field Training business better than Rob. He was our undisputed “expert of experts.” Indeed, we spent the better part of yesterday dividing up his workload and additional duties. As time went on, it quickly became apparent that the Air Force got a bargain when we hired Rob Brewer. Mr B was a walking encyclopedia and a workhorse. He made it look easy, but I can tell you, there are a lot of folks in my building who will be working some serious hours trying to stay on top of their newly-inherited duties. Losing someone of Rob’s caliber is painful far beyond words…I’ve heard it dozens of times over the past few days & you heard it just a few minutes ago…Rob Brewer is…quite simply…irreplaceable.

Perhaps the biggest reason I enjoyed working with Rob is because he had a big heart. As ugly and scary as the world can sometimes be, it’s good to know that we have talented, technically savvy people amongst us who aren’t afraid to stand up against what is wrong. Rob had a talent for computers and a passion for going after those who committed crimes while using them. When he wasn’t at work, Rob spent untold hours volunteering with an organization called “”…working tirelessly to help victims of cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying and or child pornography. Indeed, Rob personally tracked-down and nailed a lot of bad guys over the years. Yes, below his crusty, hard-nosed exterior was a soft, gooshy center. The guy had a heart of gold and made our world and cyberspace much safer, much more enjoyable places.

To Dianne, to his mother, brother, children and grandchildren, I want you to know that we, his Air Force family, viewed your husband… your dad…your grandfather as a very special man. We admired and respected him very deeply, and we’ll miss him more than words can say. Thank you so much for sharing him with us.

To the men & women of the 373d, to say that this has been a tough year would be a massive understatement. You’ve stayed the course throughout the string of tragedies and I’m tremendously, tremendously proud to serve as your commander. Many of you worked with Rob for a very long time…nearly two decades in some instances. I knew him for a mere year & I’m hurting…I can only imagine what you’re feeling. We’ll get through this. It won’t be easy, but we will.

Finally, to Rob… I can’t imagine there are any bad guys or cigarettes up there, so I don’t know what the heck you’re doing with all your free time now. Whatever it is, I know you’re doing it with your usual straight-shooting, mild-mannered style. So carry on my friend & we look forward to seeing you again on the other side!
Major Russell “Rusty” Custer
373d Training Squadron Commander, USAF
17 October 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hi, this is Sheryl, I am Rob's daughter-in-law, (married to his son Joe). I want to begin by thanking everyone for their kind words and prayers, you have no idea what it has meant to me and our family, Parry has done a wonderful thing with this site and it seems appropriate that we are all "posting" on the internet as it was such a huge part of Rob's life. I feel like I was blessed the day I met Joe. I was not just lucky to find him, but also his family. I know I am truly a blessed individual as I had the pleasure and privledge of knowing and loving Rob for the last 13 years, he was the best father (in-law) any girl could have asked for, and he will be missed daily. Again, thank you all so much for all you have done, your support and prayers mean the world to us.
For Rob’s family and his Wiredsafety family

I was not privileged to have met, or spoken to Rob in real life, but have worked closely with him on the Cyberstalking & Harassment Team particularly after I took over as the CS&H Training Team Leader. I was deeply shocked to hear of his death. I feel as though I have lost a brother. “Tyree” was one of the most caring people I have come across during my time in Wiredsafety. His concerns not only for the many “victims” he has helped but also for his team members was exceptional. He always found time to encourage, inspire and reassure me and I will miss him greatly.

My deepest condolences go out to his wife and family at this very sad and difficult time.

Training Team Leader
CS&H Team
Rob loved the Internet. He loved the fact that you could reach out to so many people with the click of a mouse. He loved bringing order to chaos and finding a way to motivate people.

I have been receiving e-mails from total strangers...people who are not volunteers and don't know us or Rob, telling me that they wished they had met him, sending their prayers and well-wishes to his family.

how fitting that the medium he loved so much would be the medium that allows so many people to share their farewells and love.

I will be on flight Monday at 5am est and won't be able ot approve the comments until I land. Please post. I'll get them up as soon as I can.

For volunteers who wish they cold attend Rob's funeral, know that one of our own, a member of his team, will be there representing all of us. Rob will know how we feel...

with love and sadness.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

He was one truly one of a kind. "They did break the mold when god made him" I can only try to care for people as much as he did. I sure do try anyways.

Funeral arrangements for Rob:

Tuesday 10:00 a.m.
Lunn's Colonial Funeral Home
2812 Midwestern Pkwy.
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

In lieu of flowers, the family wishes that donations be made to WiredSafety:

Note that we will be building a special tribute page for him.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

To Robs Family and Wiredsafety Family,

We have lost a dear friend and member of Wiredsafety. Rob(tyree) was the first one I met when I started with Wiredsafety. He was always helpful, but he will continue to be helpful because he is in our hearts and Rob also gave each of us a little bit of his talent. Rob was uplifting and very dedicated to Wiredsafety. His words were kind, and full of laughter. Tyree and I were currently working together on classes for Both of our divisions. we spoke in email often. I will cherish the last email I received was The end of Sept, in which there is a class "Handling Vics In-Channel Class Text". Rob and I were working on drafts for the class text as both divisions require this class to be taken. We were also kidding about how Jollygreen "needed to cancel one email address's for CSH to stop spam". Rob was very supportive in all he did for Wiredsafety and for members of Rob(Tyree) will be missed very much. The CSH Division taught me many things when I tried out for the division, However Robs email was very uplifting even tho I didn't make the division.

God Bless,
IRC Division Director
My condolences to Rob's family. I know he will be missed by you, his friends, and his wiredsafety family.

In addition to helping all those who needed help because of someone stalking or harassing them or doing something else they needed help with, Rob also helped me personally anytime I had a question or needed help. I talked to him on the telephone a little over a month ago for help getting some computer things set up that nobody else seemed to be able to help me with. Like the other blogs say, he was always there for everyone at any time.

I was so excited to find out he was a fellow Texan. I had hoped we would run into each other some day although I knew that wasn't highly likely.

Again, to all Rob's family, I am deeply sorry for your loss.

"I was shocked when Jolly informed me of Tyree(Rob)'s passing. I, among all the others, will miss him sorely. I am afraid I was a major contributor to his workload through forwarding the numerous requests for help that were routed to me, but he never once complained. Rather, he seemed overjoyed to get them. That is just an indication of his dedication to helping others.
I would also like to extend my condolences to his family and thank them for sharing him with us."

Director, Cyberlawenforcement
Life turns on a dime...
Frequently, we don't take that reality to heart until it's too late.

A couple of months ago, I had a chance to meet you and your wife, Rob, for coffee... a prior commitment got in the way.

Now we will have to have that "cup o' joe" on the "other side".

We are all truly blessed to have had you in our lives. You touched the life of each person that you came in contact with.. those of us you trained to help online victims and those victims you helped as their advocate.

Any time we had a challenge, you were there to guide us along; you were our fountain of strength when a case was overwhelming; you have been a bright shining light in our online friendships.

That light will shine on us continually now as you smile on us from your place in Glory.

For the family, my deepest condolences and prayers for the peace that passes all understanding to heal the hole in your hearts that Rob's passing has left behind.

Thank you for sharing him with us and our country.

Prayer of Protection
May the LIGHT of God surround you
the LOVE of God enfold you
the POWER of God protect you
the PRESENCE of God watch over you

Much love and many blessings,
Cath [finewine99]
From Rachel...

To say I am shocked is an understatement. The work he put into WiredSafety is commemorable and will never be forgotten.

He was certainly one of our most dedicated volunteers and will be missed so much beyond words.

I will miss his chatty emails and the jokes we shared

Rest in peace Tyree,

You will never be forgotten, we love you.

From members of Rob's family:

They want us to know that they are reading this blog and appreciate all they are learning and hearing from his long time cyberfriends and cyberfamily. They have kindly allowed me to share this with you.

From LouAnne , his daughter. "I just wanted to let you know that my family and I have been reading your blog. I think that I am speaking for everyone by saying that your kind words, thoughts, and prayers mean a great deal. Here is the picture that I promised you."

From Angela, his daughter . "Thank you for the blog. Rob was truly a wonderful person and I am so grateful that he was a part of my life. He was my rock and I feel so shattered without him."

From Johanna, his daughter. "I want to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers. He was my hero and I am going to miss him dearly."

I am sharing the thoughts of three of his children. Please share more about how special he was for them to read. With every letter we type, he breathes again. He is part of what we say and do, always. I dedicate our work in cyberstalking and harassment to his memory and all he has taught us.

Becky said...
There are no words to express the deep loss that we all feel as an organization and as individuals. Rob's style of leadership was second to none.

He led with patience, kindness, humor, and wisdom. These attributes spilled over into our personal friendship as well.

There are no words...


4:10 PM
Agent008 Joe said...
My Condolences to Rob (Tyree) Family.

Tyree I will miss you.
You have helped me many times.
All of Wiredsafety will miss you deeply.

2:44 PM
From Raven, in tribute to Rob:: w i s d o m f l a s h :: [ WF categories ]

I'm writing this with heavy heart and with knowing you are receiving each and every one of these messages. You my friend, will be so sadly missed .
you already are : (

Tyree was the first person I met when entering into the CSH division. He was
my instructor and later someone I called a friend. What stands out with
Tyree is that he was always approachable and had time for everyone. If I had
a question, or wanted some input, he would readily give it. He also was the
type of person who would readily say "Job well done!"

So many thoughts and feelings come to mind and heart when thinking of Rob.
Quite honestly, there are no words that can come close to describing what a
wonderful man he was. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones who
must be in immense grief right now. I wish I could help them through this
difficult time, and some how lessen their pain. lessen all of our pain.

In tribute to Tyree/Rob, the Daymaker:

For Tyree, I promise to continue on with his work ethic and passion for our
CSH division - I learned from the VERY best, what a gift to share.

You will be sadly missed and fondly remembered my dear friend.

With Kindest Regards,


This week I open the summit sponsored by the Governor of California and the California State Dept of Consumer Affairs. My teenangels will be there to share their thoughts about cybersafety.

We will dedicate our work to Rob at this summit and honor his memory publicly.

It's not much, but is the beginning of our tribute ot this kind and wonderful man.

I truly miss him and want his family to know how important he was and is to us.

How this works...
as the blog moderator, I can permit people to post a comment, but not let them write a post. So, please click on comments and share your thoughts. I will then review the comments and repost them as "post" which are easier for others to scroll and read.

Thank you for is particularly fitting that a man who spent so much of his time and energy online will be given an online tribute from his friends and family in cyberspace.
Mo said...
We lost a major contributor to WiredSafety today. I knew he was under the weather, I didn't realize how far under the weather.
I too was stunned when told of Rob's passing.

Tyree and Assiac were the people (Rob) I went to when I had a question or concern. Always there, always helpful, never sarcastic or downgrading.

I so appreciated having someone to help me with the little stuff, and the bigger stuff too. He was really good!

I hope we can continue with the **got a question, ask a question** that Assiac set up.

There was never any oneupsmanship with Assiac. We were all on the side of Internet safety.

He was a ray of sunshine in WiredSafety that will be sorely missed.

Hope they have computers in heaven. I can just see the first angel, typing an email... easing a soul.

I am glad I got to work with him....

10:09 AM
Allan Kush said...
When Parry called me and asked if I had heard that Tyree had passed away, I didn't want to beleive it. I sat there, dumb-founded and in shock. I didn't have any words to express my shock and sadness. I hoped against hope that the report was not true. The report was confirmed shortly there-after. My long time co-worker and friend was gone. The totality of it has yet to register. The more I think about it, the tougher it is to maintain composure. Crying is a good thing though.

It shows we care. Rob cared. He cared about his co-workers, his friends and most of all his family. When I was asked to become WiredSafety's Deputy Director, Rob did not hesitate to take over my position in Net Patrol. He did it better than I ever did. He cared about the countless, faceless names of victims who have come to us over the years. He poured himself out to people he had never met, and likely never would. He tried to make a difference and he did.

His Team, His Division and those he left behind in WiredSafety will always remember him. His patient instruction. His kind words. Always looking to make something better. He passed that on to everyone who was around him. It made them want to do better in return.

Rob, I shall miss you. God Bless.

Allan Kush (JollyGreen)
Deputy Executive Director

12:26 AM

Friday, October 13, 2006

I run a charity with thousands of caring, kind volunteers. Yet, among these thousands, one stood out more than anyone else. His name was Rob Brewer. But those at knew him best as "Tyree". Rob tragically dies today of a heart attack in his beloved state of Texas.

He was funny, kind, patient and wise. He was equally patient in calming down an hysterical cyberstalking victim, parent of a child who was cyberbullied or executive director (spoken as that executive director :-)).

Each e-mail he responded to made the victims and others who received them feel that he understood them (he did), he cared (he did) and that he could help (he could).

Thousands of people were helped by him personally. And through his leadership, his team and division (the most elite of all our volunteer teams at helped many thousands more over the years. His depth gave us a reach we didn't have without him. He was a doer. He always believed that things could be done, should be done right and did them that way. He was a calm voice in the universe of abuse, pain and fear.

Whenever you needed something done, you could ask Rob. He somehow managed to do it with a smile (or the smiley cyber-equivalent). :-) He often talked about his wonderful wife, Dianne, and their family. He was surrounded by loving friends and family and wanted to share this with others less fortunate. Those of us at WiredSafety counted him as family too, our own special cyber-family of likeminded and relentless volunteers standing against abuses and criminals online. Standing for families, children and Internet users of all ages. He stood on that line. And through his good work, helped keep people safer. Because of him, children slept more safely and victims of abuse online could rest more securely. He has left his mark. The world was a better and safe place with him in it.

We at WiredSafety, and I personally, will miss him deeply. It is a heart-felt loss to us all.
We know how his real family must feel. His friends who could hear his laughter, not just read it, must be mourning as much as we, his cyberfamily, are. But we will miss him not less than they. He was, and will always be, part of us. He helped build us, enhance us and manage us. I do not know anyone who can take his place.

He made us stronger. He made us wiser, He made us better than we were and will be without him at the helm of this WiredPatrol team of volunteers.

I will add more when I can see through my tears. But I know that so many of you will want to share your stories and thoughts, as well as your prayers for his family.

It is with gratitude, love and sadness that I dedicate this blog to our dear friend, comrade and adopted brother...Rob.

God bless you, Rob. Rest in peace.
I suspect heaven will have gotten as good a leader and team member as we have lost.

Parry Aftab
Executive Director