Sunday, October 22, 2006

Robert Joseph Brewer and I came along only thirteen months apart, so I guess it was inevitable that we did practically everything together as children and teenagers. He was named after our dad, Joseph Robert; throughout the family he was known as Robby. Although it was just Rob and me, mom and dad and a beloved german shepherd, we were part of a large family in the D.C. area with frequent and fun gatherings. To this day, the weekly homemade Italian spaghetti that we took for granted, remains his and my hallowed favorite.

It’s unclear now, but it may have been pre-teens when Rob and I started spending yearly summer vacations being introduced to the business world. Dad worked with his father-in-law, Guy (part of my namesake), and for us back then, it was a truly wonderful adventure, first at our grandfather’s automotive parts and machine shop that specialized in brake shoe remanufacturing. We didn’t realized just how marvelous an education in metals, mechanics and electronics we would take away from these experiences. We spent many a day punching rivets out of hundreds of used brake shoes, getting wonderfully filthy and into side-splitting bouts of mischief with Charles and David, our two youngest uncles who became and remain more like big brothers to Rob and me. It was just a few years later that dad opened his own business. Our mom’s sister-like cousin, Lucy Ann, had a nickname that she calls mom to this day and it was that nickname that dad chose when he named the business Tyree Auto Parts. Although dad was referred to by most as “Bob”, he was for years later, the original “Tyree” to many. The shop (that’s what we called it) went on for many years but leave it to Rob to turn the name on its head and have more significance than was ever dreamed.

On behalf of our mom, Clara, and my wife, Kathy and all of our family, I don’t know how we could ever begin to thank the seemingly countless number of people whose lives Rob touched and whose sheer number alone brings me a flood of overwhelming tears right now as I type this, and each and every time I think about it. I am so thankful to Parry and all those associated with and this blog for making this attempt at thanks possible. The sight of the throngs at Rob’s eulogy service and the words spoken were more touching and overwhelming than I could ever convey but still wish to desperately. To Minister Joe Williams, Stephen Reeves, Bill Guthrie and Major Russell Custer, especially, and to the staff of the 373rd and Rob’s co-workers and all those at Sheppard and the Air Force who knew him, my thanks forever. To Dianne, Joe, Jon, LouAnne, and all your extraordinary family and Johanna, BJ, and Angela, my thanks and love for truly enriching Rob’s life and mine. It’s my wish to see you soon.

We each know Rob in our own way, but hearing and reading all that I’ve have in the last several days, I’m overwhelmingly touched and proud at how many really know and appreciate the simple, crusty yet soft spirit that I call my big brother Robby. Thank you all.

Buzzy (Guy F. Brewer)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the significance of Tyree, as well as some of your family history with us Guy. Your words brought tears to my eyes. Thank goodness we can all connect this way : ) hugs to you and your family.


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He sounded nice.

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