Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mo said...
We lost a major contributor to WiredSafety today. I knew he was under the weather, I didn't realize how far under the weather.
I too was stunned when told of Rob's passing.

Tyree and Assiac were the people (Rob) I went to when I had a question or concern. Always there, always helpful, never sarcastic or downgrading.

I so appreciated having someone to help me with the little stuff, and the bigger stuff too. He was really good!

I hope we can continue with the **got a question, ask a question** that Assiac set up.

There was never any oneupsmanship with Assiac. We were all on the side of Internet safety.

He was a ray of sunshine in WiredSafety that will be sorely missed.

Hope they have computers in heaven. I can just see the first angel, typing an email... easing a soul.

I am glad I got to work with him....

10:09 AM


Blogger Parry Aftab said...

thanks Peabody. I knew how proud he was of all of you. I am not sure how we can find anyone to help lead the division the way he did. If I didn't know he would be sending me malicious code from heaven if I did, I might give this all up.
But more than anything, he would want us to step up to the plate and keep his work and passion alive.

with thanks for all you do too.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel very privilidged to have known him, he was always there to help when it was needed. I admired him tremendously, a tower of strength and I am so glad that last month I got to speak to him on the phone. I discovered that the person who had been such a support for so long in cyberspace was every bit as special in real life.
My deepest sympathies to his family he will be sorely missed.

1:03 AM  

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