Saturday, October 14, 2006

To Robs Family and Wiredsafety Family,

We have lost a dear friend and member of Wiredsafety. Rob(tyree) was the first one I met when I started with Wiredsafety. He was always helpful, but he will continue to be helpful because he is in our hearts and Rob also gave each of us a little bit of his talent. Rob was uplifting and very dedicated to Wiredsafety. His words were kind, and full of laughter. Tyree and I were currently working together on classes for Both of our divisions. we spoke in email often. I will cherish the last email I received was The end of Sept, in which there is a class "Handling Vics In-Channel Class Text". Rob and I were working on drafts for the class text as both divisions require this class to be taken. We were also kidding about how Jollygreen "needed to cancel one email address's for CSH to stop spam". Rob was very supportive in all he did for Wiredsafety and for members of Rob(Tyree) will be missed very much. The CSH Division taught me many things when I tried out for the division, However Robs email was very uplifting even tho I didn't make the division.

God Bless,
IRC Division Director


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