Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today, instead of a Christmas card I got a letter from Dianne, telling me of Rob’s passing. In shock I had to relay this message to my 14 year old daughter, he was her mentor, she has great ambitions to go to the air force and be an RN. Rob took her under his wing and told her how great her decision was, how boys can be mean at this age, and to concentrate on her school work instead of the boys! They were constantly emailing back and forth, always with a message to “tell your mom hi for me”. When most teens think of the latest craze with posters of bubble gum pop queens and good looking guys on posters on their walls, Rob had sent her posters of AF jets, these were on her walls. At Christmas he would send her a little gift, a deck of playing cards with planes, or a software racing game to play!

He took an interest in my older 2 kids both military kids, when my daughter was in Korea, he told me stories, calmed my nerves, when my son was in the navy he would talk online to him to set him straight, how to act and what not to do. Never did we ask for something from him, yet he was always there always giving of himself, and never too busy to tell my daughter “Stinky” that she was a great kid! He was the only one that could get away with calling her that……….

We will sadly miss this great person, his tenderness, gentle nature and shining light. Although we never met face to face, Rob you were our family away from home, we embraced you in our hearts and will love you always.



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