Friday, October 27, 2006

every day I miss him. Today I met with the president of Xanga about a project they are helping us develop, and I brought up Rob's name several times. I had lunch with Chris Hansen (of Dateline's To Catch a Predator) and told him about Rob and how much we will miss him and how shaken we are without him. I did an interview with Inside Edition this morning, and thought about how much I needed Rob to help me with the violent attacks among teens being posted online.

I just returned from a two week state-to-state trip. I was in Corpus Christi, where I met one of our special volunteers and talked about Rob, his funeral and his wonderful family. I was in Nashville speaking to students and parents at a prestigious girls' school, talking about things Rob taught me, remembering his gentle tone and touch with those who didn't understand as much as he did.

I miss him.

Now with the craziness of the day quieting down, in the first full night in my house in weeks, I feel his loss a bit more deeply.

I can't imagine how his real life family feels.

Rob, dear friend, I will never forget you...I hope you taught me enough before you left. I will try and make you proud, and be worthy of your title for me "boss".

rest peacefully.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly understand exactly how you feel. I am Rob's daughter, Angela. Rob was a living, breathing library who was very willing to share his knowledge. He was the 'go to' person for anything and everything.
Although he is not here physically, he is still in another way helping us out. For instance, recently, I had to go to court against a family member on my mother's side. The clerk magistrate saw right thru the offending family member. It was as if Rob was whispering in the clerk's ear.
Parry, the point of all of this is to comfort you and for you to know that Rob is with you, helping you in every way.


7:52 PM  
Blogger Parry Aftab said...

thanks so much. I appreciate your sharing. I know how much you are all hurting. To take the time to share this with me means a great deal.

with love,

10:34 PM  

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